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Timimus bones have been found on the south coast of Victoria. The bones were about 106 million years old. This means that Timimus live in a very cold and dark place.


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Box 2

Two leg bones were found. One was the thigh bone of an adult Timimus. The bone was 43 centimetres long.

Nearby, another thigh bone was found. It was 19 centimetres long and had belonged to a young Timimus.

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The long thin bones of Timimus suggest that it was a very fast runner. This is how it would have escaped from meat eating hunters like allosaurus.

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Like the birds of today, Timimus had no teeth. Perhaps it was even coloured like birds.

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Timimus was about as tall as an emu or an ostrich. Its long tail and neck meant that it was over three metres long.

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