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  * Aboriginal Australians (Junior) Book 1

  * Aboriginal Australians (Middle) Book 2

  * Aboriginal Australians (Upper) Book 3

  * Roman Myths and Tales

  * For the Juniors - The Internet - Book 1

  * For the Juniors - The Internet - Book 2

  * For the Juniors - Clowns

  * For the Juniors - The Circus

  * For the Juniors - Transport

  * For the Juniors - Food

  * For the Juniors - Santa's Christmas

List of Elton's Publications

Language      Each book has 43 pages and is priced at A$27.45 (incl GST)

The 'Comprehending Australia' series is, as the name suggests, a book of comprehension activities based on Australia's unique animals, plants, history and culture. They develop literal, inferential and evaluative/appreciative comprehension skills.

ELT151     Comprehending Australia - Book 1 -Upper Primary

ELT152     Comprehending Australia - Book 2 -Upper Primary

ELT153     Comprehending Australia - Book 3 -Upper/Middle

ELT154     Comprehending Australia - Book 4 -Upper/Middle

ELT155     Comprehending Australia - Book 5 -Middle Primary

ELT156     Comprehending Australia - Book 6 -Middle Primary

ELT157     Comprehending Australia - Book 7 -Junior Primary

ELT158     Comprehending Australia - Book 8 -Junior Primary

NetResearch - $29.65 (incl GST) each      42 pages            Guided research using the internet.

ELT560     NetResearch: Animals of Australia

ELT561     NetResearch: Australia and the Environment

ELT562     NetResearch: Myths & Legends

Internet for the Middle Primary - $27.45 (incl GST) each, 30 pages

ELT565     Mike and Sally.net

ELT566     Minibeasts.net

ELT567     Australian Dinosaurs.net

Book Reviews

This book contains 40 photocopiable book review forms which are designed to introduce middle and upper primary school.   

ELT551     Read All About It!           A$27.45 (incl GST)


(Integrated with Australian studies)    A$27.45 (incl GST) each

These books aim to teach mathematics skills while teaching the children some aspect of Australia's wildlife. All books have 43 pages.

ELT161     Australian Dinosaur Maths     - for middle & upper primary

ELT350     Marsupial Maths                   - for middle & upper primary

ELT160     Australian Bird Maths            - for middle & upper primary

ELT-162    Magic Mental (middle and Upper)   $29.65                    40 pages   A$29.65 (incl GST)

About Aboriginal People  A$29.65 incl GST)

ELT 100 About Aboriginal People- Book 1   -  junior primary     

ELT 101 About Aboriginal People- Book 2  -   middle primary

ELT 102 About Aboriginal People- Book 3   -  upper primary

Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation  A$29.65 (Incl GST)

ELT111  Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation - Book 1 (Junior Primary)

ELT112  Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation - Book 2 (Middle Primary)

ELT113  Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation - Book 3 (Upper Primary)

Myths & Fairy Tales

ELT420       Greek Myths   -  upper & middle primary -$27.45 (incl GST)

ELT426       Fairy Tales      - junior primary              - A$29.65 (incl GST)

Special Occasions  Priced at $27.45 (incl GST)

ELT200       Easter                                   -for junior & middle primary

ELT205       Christmas in the Classroom    -for junior & middle primary

ELT206       Christmas Activities    -for middle and upper primary

Science Skills40 pages     $27.45 (incl GST)

ELT600       Science Skills    - Multiple choice assignments for middle & upper primary classes


Two books of awards for primary school classes. Book 1 contains A4 sized awards and Book 2 contains B5 awards. 43 pages and priced at $27.45 (incl GST). For use in any primary class.

ELT451      Primary Classroom Awards - Book 1

ELT452      Primary Classroom Awards - Book 2

Thematic Books

ELT-250      Penguins           language, maths, art, internet     30 pages       $24.15 (incl GST)

ELT-159      Federation: One Nation; One Destiny                  40 pages   A$29.65 (incl GST)

ELT-163      Federation Maths                                                 40 pages   A$29.65 (incl GST)

ELT-352      Life Cycles (Middle)  language etc for middle school   40 pages   A$29.65 (incl GST)

ELT-353      Life Cycles (Upper)  language etc for middle school   40 pages   A$29.65 (incl GST)