1.  How many wings does a cockroach have?

     (a)  none

     (b)  two

     (c)  four

     (d)  six.

2.  If you see a very pale coloured cockroach, it means that

     (a) the cockroach has walked through some white paint.

     (b) the cockroach has shed its shell.

     (c) the cockroach has received a big fright.

     (d) the cockroach is allergic to fly spray.

3.  An interesting fact about cockroach blood is :-

     (a) Cockroaches don't have any blood.

     (b) Cockroach blood smells like lemons.

     (c) The blood of a cockroach glows in the dark.

     (d) Cockroach blood is white.

4.  Do cockroaches spread diseases in the same way that flies and

     mosquitoes spread diseases?

     (a) Yes.

     (b) No

     (c) Only if you eat them.

5.  If you cut off a roach's head, how would it die?

     (a) It would die because it couldn't breathe.

     (b) It would die of thirst.

     (c)  It wouldn't die.

     (d)  It would bleed to death.

6.   A female cockroach becomes pregnant only once in her life.

     (a) True

     (b) False.

7.  How many baby roaches can result from one female roach?

     (a) 1000

     (b)  25

     (c)  150

     (d)  1 million.

8.  How do cockroaches breathe?

     (a) Through holes in the sides of their bodies.

     (b) Roaches don't need to breathe air.

     (c) Through their mouths.

     (d) Through its nostrils.

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Two extra questions for children doing Minibeasts.net.

9.  How long have cockroaches been on our planet?

     (a) 250 years                 (b) 25 000 years   

     (c)  2 500 000 years      (d) 250 million years.

10.  In Sweden, cockroaches are called brotaetare, which means

     (a) devil bug                (b) bread eater   

     (c)  terrible beetle        (d) brother of terror.