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Teachers. Do you want to teach your class about the unique culture, amazing wildlife and fascinating history of Australia? Do you want resources written specially for primary teachers? Then our books are for you!!

Elton Publications specialises in supplying quality Blackline Masters to primary school teachers. As highly experienced and practising teachers, we have a practical knowledge of what will work in the classroom. This knowledge is reflected in our publications.

Aboriginal  Studies
We have three series of books on
Aboriginal Australians.

1.  Aboriginal Australians
      Books for upper, middle and
      junior primary classes

2.   About Aboriginal People

      Books for upper, middle and
      junior primary classes.

2.  Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation
Three books for upper, middle and
     junior primary classes.

Quiz Books

Fantastic quiz books for children to use in middle and upper primary school classes.

Can be used as homework assignments or extension work.

About Us

Elton Publications specialises in supplying quality Blackline Masters books to primary school teachers.

Our books are written by two practising classroom teachers with over two decades of experience each.

The two authors are
          Richard Lyon     
          DipTeach,   BA,   BEd,   MEd.
&        Hilaire Lyon
          BA, Dip Ed.

As well as having teacher qualifications, each of us has a History degree majoring in Australian history, hence our books' emphasis on Australian history, wildlife and culture.

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