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Towards Aboriginal Reconciliation

Book 1 - Junior Primary
Book 2 - Middle Primary
Book 3 - Upper Primary

The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation has identified eight key issues which need to be addressed in the reconciliation process. The worksheets and activities in this book are aimed at addressing those issues for children in the upper primary classroom.

In addition, there are some activities covering the
implementation of reconciliation activities in a primary school.

The eight key issues have been identified as
1.  Land and Sea - Australians need to recognise the unique relationship that exists between Aboriginal or Torres  Strait  Islander peoples and the land or sea.
2.  Relationships - This focuses on improving the relationships that exist between Indigenous Australians and the wider community.
3. Culture - recognising and understanding the importance and diversity of cultures that exist in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
4. History - Australia's history is a history of all Australians, and it started long before 1606 when Willem Jansz was the first European to land on our shores.
5 & 6. Disadvantage and Custody Levels - Compared with other Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are disadvantaged in terms of income, health, housing, employment and custody levels.
7. Destiny - Many Indigenous Australians have been told where and how they can live. They are developing more control over their own destiny.
8. Formal Document - There has been no formal document or treaty between Indigenous Australians and other people. Such a treaty might be able to enhance reconciliation.